Postby Rafael Leal on Tue Feb 03, 2015 3:37 pm

Good Morning,

I am a member of the Titanic Historical Society since 1996 and I believe that you should be aware of an interesting project that is going on in the internet.

The LEGO (brick toys) company has a website where its fans can submit design projects that, once reaching 10,000 supporters in 1 year, will be evaluated by LEGO to possibly become an actual LEGO Product. It is called LEGO Idea (https://ideas.lego.com/dashboard).

Today, there is a design project for an amazing “TITANIC” LEGO set which currently has 6,727 supporters. There are 85 days left until the deadline for reaching 10,000 supporters. I believe it is of the interest of this Society, as well as of many Titanic Fans and Members, that this set be produced. Please, take a look at: https://ideas.lego.com/projects/1319

It would help a lot if it was advertised (and promoted) to the THS Members and overall Titanic community (website, forum and The Commutator). Hopefully with the support of our members this dream will come true!

(PS.: I am not related to this project, but I am a supporter!)

Thank you!

Rafael Leal
Rafael Leal
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