Marconi Wireless Room Calendar

Marconi Wireless Room Calendar

Postby Robert Feeney on Tue Dec 15, 2015 8:12 pm

I am a bit of a new-comer on this page and although been registered for awhile, this is my first official post.

Here is a bit of an off the wall question. What type of calendar was on the wall of the Titanic's wireless room? In the original (Browne photo), it appears to be similar to the photo of the Olympic's wireless room (photo of operator "Brent" on duty). Looks to be a circular design within a shield-shaped device with a supporting wreath design. There could be a border around the whole calendar, but the details are hard to distinguish. Any assistance would be appreciated. Is it a Marconi Company calendar? Does anyone have that design? Or a picture of one?

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Robert Feeney
Robert Feeney
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