Against Titanic II build

Against Titanic II build

Postby Dave Fredericks on Wed Mar 06, 2013 10:19 am

The sinking of the Titanic is without doubt the most notorious shipping disaster in history. A bizarre sequence of errors and events that led to the tragic loss of so many people - particularly those from Southampton. But they did not die in vain. The shipping industry was completely revolutionised as a direct result, in design, safety and communications, making our sea travel all the more safer today. Those that survived would be mentally and in some cases physically scarred for life, and for many it was too painful to recall. When talks of the original being raised were discussed, they unanimously disagreed with it. When rumours of a replica being built with the same name were surfaced around 13 years ago, they unanimously disagreed with it. There can be only one Titanic they said, and it was fated to lay at the bottom of the ocean. It must always stay that way.

Now that all survivors of Titanic have sadly passed away, should we be so quick to brush aside their wishes? There is no doubt that the eyes of the world would be on Southampton if the building of Titanic II were to commence and it sail from here in 2016. It would also create massive revenue for tourism here. But do we really want to be known as the Southampton, the City that sold its soul? I attended the promo at the Grand Café on Tuesday and was astonished to hear prospective passengers could dress up and act as characters from the doomed original voyage. If that isn’t bad taste then I don’t know what is. It seems that this new ship won’t be a full size memorial to all those who sailed upon her predecessor (as it is being billed), but rather a themed playground for the wealthy.

Dave Fredericks

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