Dogs Aboard Titanic

Dogs Aboard Titanic

Postby Joshua Milford on Thu Jul 02, 2015 2:14 pm

Hello folks!
I'm working on an article about the dogs aboard Titanic. Most sources say that there were 12 dogs on board and 3 survived. I must be missing one. I have gone though my research several times and unless Captain Smith's Russian Wolf Hound is being counted among the group, I'm only counting 11...

1. J.J. Astor's Airedale "Kitty"
2. Margaret Hays' Pomeranian "Lady"
3. Elizabeth Rothschild's Pomeranian
4. The Harper's Pekinese "Sun Yat-Sen"
5&6. William Carter's King Charles Spaniel and Airedale Terrier
7. Harry Anderson's Chow Chow "Chow Chow"
8. Robert W. Daniel's French Bulldog "Gamin de Pycombe"
9. Helen Bishop's Toy Poodle "Frou-Frou"
10. William Dulles' Fox Terrier "Dog"
11. Ann Elizabeth Isham's Great Dane

Who am I missing if any?
Thanks for your help!
-Joshua Milford
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