Rebuilding Titanic?

Rebuilding Titanic?

Postby Nelson Bennett on Sat Feb 18, 2012 10:45 pm

Ever since I was a young boy, I've been fascinated/obsessed with Titanic. I was gratified to find that, as I grew older, I was not alone. Perhaps because it reads like a Greek Tragedy? Humans construct a "golden idol" and "fly in the face of God" by claiming that the vessel is "unsinkable". It's almost as if the God reached down from Olympus to punish us for our hubris.
But much of the mystique surrounding this vessel still defies my own abilities to explain it. But I love the ship nevertheless.
I've always fantasized about being able to actually see the ship in all her splendor and explore every inch of her beautiful hand made appointments. But I fear these wishes will forever remain in the realm of fantasy.
I was intrigued when I once heard rumors (in the 1990s) that a replica of the ship may someday be rebuilt. I now know that this idea also resides in the realm of fantasy. All the woodwork (fire codes!), and placement of the limited number of lifeboats (to high on the ship) make building an sea faring replica impossible.
But I was wondering: What about a permanently anchored replica which could serve as a convention center/hotel/center for fine dining?
Certainly, such a structure (permanently "docked" somewhere) would be immensely popular. After all, it's been 100 years, and people are as intrigued with the story of this vessel as much as ever. 100 years is a pretty good run for pent up market demand! What I imagine is a perfect replica of the vessel permanently situated ("docked") in a major city with various "tiers" of dining (fine dining in the first class dining room) to hamburgers in "steerage". The place could serve as a hotel with rooms ranging in price depending on location on the "vessel". I could see the place being very popular with convention types, weddings, etc.
Just my thoughts and fantasies. Having a permanently "docked" replica of the ship would be a perfect way to tell the Olympians that we know better than to tempt fate twice.
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Re: Rebuilding Titanic?

Postby Jim Keller on Sun Feb 19, 2012 11:21 am

By today's standards, Titanic as she actually existed would be too small and lacking too many amenities to appeal to the high-end conventions, hotel guests, etc. needed to make such a venture work. There would be a great deal of wasted space in a true replica (after all, what are you going to do with all those third-class cabins?). So the only practical approach would be to design the ship on the "idea" of Titanic, the ship as people today imagine her, rather than as she was. However, such a venture would quickly come under fire for not being an accurate reconstruction. Either way, you've got a venture that people would visit, at most, once, and that's not a sustainable business model.

However, it would be fairly easy for a hotel, convention center, etc. to do Titanic rooms -- essentially building out meeting rooms to recreate the 1st class dining room, etc. (except, of course, for providing adequate power drops, fire alarms, and so forth). Guests could lose themselves in the atmosphere of the "past," but still pop up the hall for a modern restroom, take an elevator that wouldn't terrify them to and from the room, use stairs with a contemporary run-rise ratio, etc.
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Re: Rebuilding Titanic?

Postby Eric Wilson on Sun Mar 25, 2012 3:20 pm

HMMM I was thinking about writing an article on this and yet here one already exist.So I guess I will just put my 2 cents here. Being the fact that we are fast approaching the centennial commemoration of the sinking of Titanic there is much more interest that has been drawn to Her,Her passengers,Her Crew,And Her demise.In 1997 James Cameron’s movie Titanic grossed $68.2 Million on opening day.With the centennial re release of the movie in 3D combined with the extra interest I have no doubt the opening day will perhaps double or triple that amount. Having said that I will resume with the subject matter at hand.

As to what Jim Keller has said regarding the subject matter,I completely disagree.
With the interest in Titanic growing through out each generation I have no doubt that it would be an astonishing success if done properly.Not to mention would create jobs for some 5-10 thousand people.First one would have to allow the public to take part in the process from beginning to end.

Of course such a ship would have to have a name.Being the fact it would be a White Star Line ship that all ended with “IC” I would keep the “IC” in the name like BritannIC, OlympIC, TitanIC,ect.I would call it the R.M.S. H.M.S.or S.S.Relic,As for this would be a true Relic and Gem of the modern age reflecting the true beauty of an age that has all but sank into the oceans of time. Here are my ideas that would make this a successful project.

1.Of course one would have to purchase the White Star Line name from the Cunard Lines as well as requisition all blueprints and documents relating to the lines ships,Which has been proven to still exist.
2.Get Harland and Wolff to get on board for the project.
3.I would set up designated areas to where tourist could watch the entire building process.this would include the dry dock area as well as the warehouses and fabrication areas.
4.Restore the dry docks where the Olympic class ships were birthed.
5.Using photographs rebuild the warehouses and fabrication houses and the equipment used to fabricate the steal.I would stick to the Historically accurate method as to preserve the Historical significance.
6.After the surrounding facilities are complete Employ the craftsmen needed to build the Ship to the Historically Accurate Standards of the Edwardian Era.
7.Begin fabrication of the steal needed for the Keel and Hull.

Once the above 7 steps are done,And taking into an consideration according to the Historical accounts it took the Craftsmen 2 years to build each ship to the standards of the Era.If Number 3 is implemented and tourist can get up close and personal in watching the process from Fabrication to Installation,The admission cost for that alone could almost certainly pay for the entire project all together.

I would build the ship to 100% Historical accuracy,Meaning I would use coal burning reciprocating engines,The same electrical system but with a few upgraded safety features. The same Telegraph system from the bridge to engine room.The same communication systems from the crows nest to the bridge Make the ship to 100% to the tee historically accurate.

I would have the Captain,Officers,Crew,Bell Boys,Maids,The Band,And Service staff wear Historically accurate clothing.As well as the same dinner and silver ware as well as all the linens.

The only changes I would make is of course is install a fire suppression system.and would install the double hull that was in the original plans and would in addition to the rivets would weld all the seams of the Hull for added strength and precaution.Oh and of course the adequate number of lifeboats…

As to your statement Jim Regarding lacking the amenities.There are Historic Bed and Breakfast that are true to the period standards and they do not hurt for business.Being the fact that at the end of this project and when the ship is completed it will be the only historically accurate replication of a ship of the Edwardian era and the Golden Age of Trans Atlantic steam powered luxury liner in this day and age..

I personally have seen on the many various White Star Lines Forums that people would flock to the possibility of having a chance to partake in such a historically accurate opportunity even to have a 3rd class accommodation. As a matter of fact this is what I would do.As to keep the Historical accuracy that 90% of all the passengers on the ocean liners of the day only bought 1 way tickets I would offer a package which would include

1.Airfare to the R.M.S. H.M.S.or S.S.Relic and back home once Trans Atlantic passage was complete.
2.One night hotel accommodations the night before you set sail and the night after you arrive in port.
3.On Boarding day in Liverpool you get a full guided tour of the restored building facilities Or on the day you arrive into Liverpool from New York at the tail end of your voyage.

Also while being in port open the ship for tours.I am a firm believer that just the revenue that would come in during the building process and the tours in port..Not to mention keeping the Warehouses, Fabrication houses and the restored dry dock open to the public for tours as well as the Passengers of the ship. Let us not forget the souvenirs that could be made available like White Star Line China ,Silverware, Liquor (decanters and glass),and linen sets.Bring back the replicated Crew and Captains hats.The skies the limit. All of this alone would almost certainly pay for the entire project as well as put the profit margin at well over 200% with in the first year. It goes to the old saying”If you build it they will come”
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Re: Rebuilding Titanic?

Postby Timothy Trower on Sun Mar 25, 2012 6:04 pm

Harland & Wolff are no longer able to build ships.
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Re: Rebuilding Titanic?

Postby Tanya Mignone on Tue Apr 10, 2012 8:32 pm

The ship built as an exact replica would never be able to sail with today's standards.
I do however think it is an amazing idea. But not the whole thing as a hotel. I think having it as a museum would be the perfect use for it. Have it permanently docked and open it for tours. People already go crazy when a Titanic exhibition comes into town. Imagine building an exact replica of her and people allowed to tour her? I think it would be a very successful venture & would generate even more interest in her than the already increasing amount!

Have half of it as a hotel. Open the dining rooms up for actual dining (both for overnight "passengers" and those on tour). Open a few cabins up for tour viewing, turn some into exhibition rooms(movies playing, artifacts, etc), and then the rest cabins for those wanting to stay overnight. I think people would jump at the chance to experience how life was then. Offer wifi and things like that - but keep it as it was in 1912 for the most part. If people are going to go & stay, it wouldn't be because they just need a hotel in the area.

I could definitely see events being held, conventions and museum activities. Allow people to go swimming in the pool (offer the swimming attire worn then). Serve the same(or similar) foods - make each menu accurate to the dining room menus of each class on the Titanic (and some modern foods of course). Open it up for educational tours. Have every staff member in appropriate historical clothing. Allow people to dress up, or hold special events where that attire is required!

The ideas are endless. It's brilliant! Expensive though. I'd start now if I had the finances!
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Re: Rebuilding Titanic?

Postby Tom McCluskie on Wed Dec 12, 2012 12:26 pm

Russell Alsop wrote:Hello,

in 2016 once the new Titanic 2 has arrived into New York.

Russell Alsop

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