Photo of Iceberg?

Photo of Iceberg?

Postby Will Kalaskie on Wed Aug 14, 2013 2:37 pm

First post, sorry if it's a long one. (I pre-wrote the message bellow to ensure I hit everything I wanted to say, but neglected to mention that without the thing sitting in front of me, I cannot say for sure if the photo in question had the distinctive peak characteristics of those evident in pictures found from a simple Google search. I've only seen the family photo twice. I can say that it was taken from a much closer vantage point than anything I can find on the net.) Here goes...

"Oh Wizened Experts of the THS,

I’m still not sure if this is the appropriate format to get the ball rolling on the tale I’ve got to share, but here goes: before he passed away last year, my grandfather produced a yellowed photo that he believed was an after-shot of the iceberg that collided with the Titanic.

I’m writing this post today because, for the umpteenth time, I’ve just sat through another History Channel documentary about the sinking of the Titanic that left the door wide open as to how the ship actually hit the ice that eventually sunk her. From what I saw in the photo, reportedly taken from one of the ships responding to the disaster, it sure looked like something hit the side and road up on top (off-center) of the ice pictured. My grandfather did not take this photo (he wasn’t old enough to even be alive at the time of the sinking). I do not have the photo. I do not have a scan of the photo. To my knowledge, no one outside of my family is even aware that the thing exists at all. I have no wish to make a quick buck from the sale of said photo. I do hope that through this seemingly legitimate forum (apologies if that sounded insulting), I can begin the process by which the right eyes will finally set upon this old thing to go about authenticating or disproving it.

All that said, I’m a cautious skeptic and extremely respectful of my family’s wishes. I got the distinct impression from my grandfather that he suspected the extraordinary monetary value of the photo in his possession. Ultimately, his widow and his two children will decide how things are handled. However, I am relatively sure, with the emotional strain of his passing; no one has made any attempts at determining the authenticity of his photograph.

While I’ve shared the information above from firsthand experience, there is obviously more to the tale than what I’m privy too. I’m sure of what I’ve said, but who took the photo? How’d it end up with my grandparents? Is the damaged ice a result of a ship collision; if so, was it the Titanic that actually hit it? I cannot answer these questions because the men that I would have asked have all passed away. Never the less, a old photo of an iceberg with a significant chunk carved out of it exists, and I for one would like to know if it’s worth exploring.

Anyone with knowledge of who to contact or what a more appropriate avenue to discuss things further can contact me at .


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Re: Photo of Iceberg?

Postby Arlene Blundell on Fri Aug 14, 2015 8:35 pm

Do you have a link to post this photo?

No, I'm niether a THS expert, nor am I 'wizened' :ugeek:

The tradgedy of Iceberg pictures is that they are all in black and white. A colour shot would have proven beyond doubt exactly which of the towering monsters in the vicinity of the sinking were the culprit.

I seem to remember a photo from Walter Lord's illustrated version of "A Night To Remember" of a picture taken by passengers on a German liner, noticing ".....scar of red paint along the berg's base."
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